Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday, Monday, Monday...

HAPPY MONDAY! Last night, after watching the newest episode of the Walking Dead, I plopped down into my bed with dread. (P.S. I'm the poet laureate.) I initially thought that Monday would be a hot exhausted mess, given the Daylight Savings Time switch. However, today was fabulous! Here are some reasons...

1) I completely forgot that I'd signed up for the C.O.W. (Computers on Wheels) for today...until our awesome media specialist rolled it down to the patch! SUCH a fantastic surprise! We were able to use the laptops to begin some space exploration research, and we were also able to work on some fun math games! 

2) While poking around online the other night, I found a really cool city council simulation on We tried out the simulation in class today, and it was a BLAST! My kids had so much fun pretending to be the different citizens and stakeholders, and they even came up with some extremely valid arguments! Several of my students literally BEGGED me to hold another city council meeting about an issue important to our class, and I am planning for our next "meeting" later this week!

3) My little sprouts performed their solar system songs today. Two songs were actually catchy enough that we're going to record them! We're all super excited! Hopefully Music Producer Kelsey (aka chickadee on Audacity randomly banging on keys) can make the songs sound smooth and polished!

4) I finally organized my apartment you ever let things get crazy at home so things stay somewhat sane at school? I know I do...this place was a problem! Now I am living in a beautiful oasis of calm (...sort of), and I type this to you as I enjoy a fresh candle and my clean space. :)

Since I feel awkward publishing a blog post without a picture, here's a snapshot of my classroom library:

Isn't it cute? I'll explain more about my library in another post, but I figured I'd give you something to look at! How was your Monday? I'd love to hear about it! Have a lovely evening!


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  1. Hi Kelsey! I read about you as a budding blogger at I {Heart} Recess! I teach Third Grade, too! Congratulations on taking the blogging plunge. Welcome! I love it! I also just opened my TPT store.... today! Hurray! It has one product right now and it's free! I look forward to reading your blog!

    Teaching With Moxie