Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Quick and Easy Contact Magnets!

Hey y'all!'s been a busy few weeks! Between meetings, prepping my classroom, and running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I've barely been on the computer! I figured I would pop in and share a quick post about cute, functional, and EASY contact magnets I made with Vistaprint business cards! 

In case you don't know about Vistaprint, it's a business that will print just about anything on anything! I've used them for stamps, magnets, and business cards, but they also print great shirts, mugs, pens...oodles of stuff! I noticed that they had an awesome deal where you could order 250 business cards for free (plus the cost of shipping and handling, so about $5.00). I made a cute set with my name, e-mail address, and school phone number. Once my cards came in the mail, I laminated (some) of them to make them a bit more sturdy. That's totally optional though! Once the cards were laminated and cut out, I stuck pieces of magnetic tape to their backs!
(I hope you like my chic purple sweatpants and fine leather recliner!)

Then I tested all of my magnets out on my fridge (I'm a little weird about things like that) and rejoiced! Thanks Vistaprint! I am a happy little teacher! 

The finished product!

I have Open House tomorrow...eek! SUPER excited! I'll be sharing photos of my classroom this weekend! Take care!

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