Friday, August 1, 2014

Five For Friday!

Happy Friday! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday linky party!


1. I went to Michaels today with my Mom and sister to check out what was new for back to school. I'll tell you what...there was A LOT! I picked up six adorable pink and blue frames for $2.00 a pop! I plan to stick a piece of laminated white cardboard into each of the frames and write directions on them to keep at tables. That way, students will be more independent and (hopefully) let me do my thing during small groups! I found some fun clothespins that I'll be using for a classroom craft this weekend! (I will share on Monday...if I can wait that long!) Finally...that bumblebee flowerpot thingy was just too fun to pass up in the 70% off section! I plan to put my brain break sticks in the pink pail part! 

2. I've been really good about exercising this summer! I have fallen into a consistent gym routine and I actually ENJOY running! (What?!) I still look like a little pipsqueak, but I'm definitely feeling stronger! So my sister and I decided to go to the gym together the other night, and look what happened...TOTAL GYM TWINSIES. Black running capris and our crazy pink Asics! At least we had different shirts on! I'm sure the people at the gym thought we were lunatics, but we had a laugh and got our workouts in!

3. Something REALLY random...I was out in our sunroom relaxing when I saw a starling swooping down at my sweet Black Lab, Lacey! It swooped down and tried to catch her tail at LEAST a dozen times! Meanwhile, Lacey did nothing to defend herself...poor angel! Goodness gracious! Here's photographic proof! 

4. I've been very busy getting things together for school! (Just like almost all of you!) I'm trying to have several weeks of plans, my classroom, and all of my Back to School night materials done before the end of the second teacher workday. One thing I've been working on (and LOVING) is my back to school brochure...I bought the template online from Katie Fretwell. I'm not exactly gifted at making brochures online (like really...not gifted AT ALL) and she's offering a wonderful, editable version in her TpT store! Please go check it out if you're interested! 

5. Right now I am back home in Williamsburg, Virginia with my family. My sister and I visited a little gem of a river beach near Jamestown (you know...Jamestown settlement #historynerdalert) called College Creek. It's so pretty! 

I hope you enjoyed reading my (super random) Five for Friday! I'm definitely enjoying reading all of the other blogs posts that linked up! :)

<3 Kelsey


  1. Love your last picture. What a beautiful place. My goal is to get back in shape, and soon. I wish I had someone to go to the gym with like you do, I think that would help keep me on track. Time to find a gym buddy!!

    1. I do find that having a workout buddy definitely makes exercising a whole lot more consistent...especially at the beginning! It's so easy to sneak out of a workout when it's just you! A friend can keep you more accountable! Good luck, you can do it! :)