Saturday, May 11, 2013

Back in Action!

Hi all! I hope you've had a wonderful past few weeks! I'm sorry I've been MIA! We just finished up our Teacher Appreciation Week, and it was fabulous! It was so nice to be singled out and treated...not what I ask for, but nothing to turn down either ;) Many thanks to my sweet students, parents, and PTA! 

I actually had to request a sub yesterday morning for the first time this year...yes, the youngest, scrawniest teacher somehow held out like a champion (health-wise) for a very long time! The bad news is...I apparently have a stomach bug and a kidney stone bobbling around inside me at the SAME TIME! How? Oh well...I'll still be at school on Monday! I am a tough cookie! 

ANYWAYS, here's a great activity my sprouts completed last week...fraction kites! We are focusing on area models in fractions, which, admittedly, do not naturally lend themselves to as many cute activities as set models. However, I saw this cute idea on Pinterest (it was originally from Step Into Second Grade), and it got me all excited! 

A group of kites in our "Fresh Picks from the Patch" area

Here's one up close!

I love how this turned out! It was a fun, easy reinforcement activity! I hope you all have fantastic remainders of your weekend, and I hope the upcoming week is a joy as well! :)

<3 Kelsey

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  1. I love your kites! I do a similar kite activity where the students write the fractions on an attached cloud, but I had never thought of writing the fractions on the little ties. Great idea! I can't wait to see more of what is on your site!

    Your newest follower,