Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tardy to the Party...aka My Classroom Reveal!

"I'll be sharing photos of my classroom this weekend!" I ACTUALLY meant to say..."I'll be sharing photos of my classroom NEXT MONTH!" Bah! The past few weeks have been CRAZY busy/SUPER enjoyable! I have such a sweet class this year! Anyways, here are some pictures of my classroom! These are all from Back to School Night...

My classroom! It's nice and spacious! 

Behavior chart! It only has one sad little nameless magnet on it in this picture, but it really holds all 22 of my student magnets. My students start their day on green and move up (or down...womp.)

My Essential Questions bulletin board! This picture doesn't do it is just so flippin' cute! An amazingly creative teacher made these question cards for us last year. It's super easy to switch the different questions out using the clothespins! You're going to notice pretty soon that there are a lot of clothespins all around my classroom...I just love them! Fun and useful! 

My Focus Wall! I don't know if I've ever mentioned this on here, but I REALLY don't like printing stuff. It just irritates me. Most of the teachers at my school print out all of their information for their literacy focus walls and pin it up somewhere. That's all fine and dandy...but NOT for your girl (I am pointing at myself right now). I had to figure out a way to get out of printing stuff...then, during one fateful Target trip, I found small dry-erase boards, fancy tape, and the rest was history! 

No name paper holder...I think its purpose is pretty obvious. :)

If you look in the background of my main classroom picture, you can see many little green things stuck to my big closets. Let me introduce you to my student work holders! They are the easiest things in the world to make! I just cut down cardstock into smaller pieces, hot glued pre-printed clothespins onto each one, smacked on pretty label stickers, and wrote down my students' names! Voila!

I hope you enjoyed checking out my classroom pictures! I hope y'all have an amazing week!  

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Quick and Easy Contact Magnets!

Hey y'all!'s been a busy few weeks! Between meetings, prepping my classroom, and running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I've barely been on the computer! I figured I would pop in and share a quick post about cute, functional, and EASY contact magnets I made with Vistaprint business cards! 

In case you don't know about Vistaprint, it's a business that will print just about anything on anything! I've used them for stamps, magnets, and business cards, but they also print great shirts, mugs, pens...oodles of stuff! I noticed that they had an awesome deal where you could order 250 business cards for free (plus the cost of shipping and handling, so about $5.00). I made a cute set with my name, e-mail address, and school phone number. Once my cards came in the mail, I laminated (some) of them to make them a bit more sturdy. That's totally optional though! Once the cards were laminated and cut out, I stuck pieces of magnetic tape to their backs!
(I hope you like my chic purple sweatpants and fine leather recliner!)

Then I tested all of my magnets out on my fridge (I'm a little weird about things like that) and rejoiced! Thanks Vistaprint! I am a happy little teacher! 

The finished product!

I have Open House tomorrow...eek! SUPER excited! I'll be sharing photos of my classroom this weekend! Take care!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Meet the Teacher Blogger Linky!

I'm linking up with Stephanie from Falling Into First for the Meet the Teacher Blogger Linky! What a fun way to learn more about other bloggers! Well, here we go...

My name is Kelsey! I am originally from Virginia, went to college in South Carolina (GO GAMECOCKS), and I am SO blessed with my job in North Carolina! I am about to start my third year of teaching third grade!

Q&A Sesh!


In no particular order: Puppies (all dogs are puppies, by the way), barbeque, nail polish, South Carolina Gamecocks, reading, perfect-fitting jeans, running during sunshowers, music, pizza, hilarious notes from students, statement jewelry, fishing, big hugs, mozzarella sticks, browsing/stalking Instagram (I'm kels_pacer on there...follow me if you'd like), quotes, crab chips, Christmas, heels, the smell of freshly-cut grass, rolling up in a fleecy blanket like a burrito, polka dots, talking for hours with my family and friends...the list goes on and on! 


I would want to be a curator at an art museum or a music journalist! Fun fact: I was a Print Journalism major before I switched over to Elementary Education! 


Spontaneous! Creative! Vivacious!


"I think we need more standardized testing."*

 *Typing that made me snort out loud! 


Besides my normal set of family and friends (that's a given), I would want to invite my grandma. She was a teacher and passed away when I was in sixth grade. I would love the chance to talk to her about my job and tell her how much I respect and love her. She truly instilled in me the desire to make a difference in the lives of others. I would invite the Avett brothers so we could chat about their music. I LOVE their lyrics...I want the backstories behind them! I would also invite Jake Gyllenhaal, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Bradley Cooper to my party because...maybe one of them would possibly fall in love with me?! 


Space Raps and Ant Pizza: The Teaching Life of Kelsey P. 


I would love to be able to fly! 


I hold so many quotes close to my heart, but here is one of my new favorites:

"In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you."

                                                    WOULD IT BE? 

Oh gosh...I would sing "Songs About Rain" by Gary Allan. Sort of a random choice, but I sing that song with FEELING every time I hear it! I know the American Idol judges appreciate emotion. Hehe! :)


I am a total night owl! I will have to start waking up early next is going to be ROUGH!

WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE RESOURCE THAT YOU'VE CREATED IN                                                      YOUR TPT SHOP? elapsed time word problems are great! (In my most unbiased of opinions...) We've used them in a variety of different ways in my classroom over the past two years! Feel free to check them out over at my store!


I am ambidextrous!
I hope you enjoyed learning more about crazy little me! :) I'm looking forward to reading about everyone else AND finding some fun new blogs to follow! 

<3 Kelsey

Monday, August 4, 2014

Show Us What You Bought Linky!

Happy Monday! Today was the first day of the TpT Back to School sale (in case you didn't know........) and I bought a TON of great stuff to use this upcoming school year! 

My big purchase of the Day was the ENTIRE YEAR (!) OF THIRD GRADE MATH HOMEWORK from One Stop Teacher Shop! It was in my cart for months...I finally snapped it up and I'm SO glad I did! Since my friend and I made a whole other set of homework sheets last year, I will probably use my lovely new purchase as morning work in my classroom! I am SUPER excited! *Cue to an image of me happily looking through the entire set of sheets...nerd alert!*

Teaching With a Mountain View can basically have all of my money, because I LOVE task cards and she makes fantastic task card sets! I bought several sets, including the Context Clues Task Card BundleGraphing and Data Task Cards, and the Early Finisher Task Card Bundle. I am so grateful for these wonderful resources! 

I am so looking forward to using all of these resources with my students! What did y'all buy? I love reading about everyone's purchases! Happy shopping! :)

<3 Kelsey

Friday, August 1, 2014

Five For Friday!

Happy Friday! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday linky party!


1. I went to Michaels today with my Mom and sister to check out what was new for back to school. I'll tell you what...there was A LOT! I picked up six adorable pink and blue frames for $2.00 a pop! I plan to stick a piece of laminated white cardboard into each of the frames and write directions on them to keep at tables. That way, students will be more independent and (hopefully) let me do my thing during small groups! I found some fun clothespins that I'll be using for a classroom craft this weekend! (I will share on Monday...if I can wait that long!) Finally...that bumblebee flowerpot thingy was just too fun to pass up in the 70% off section! I plan to put my brain break sticks in the pink pail part! 

2. I've been really good about exercising this summer! I have fallen into a consistent gym routine and I actually ENJOY running! (What?!) I still look like a little pipsqueak, but I'm definitely feeling stronger! So my sister and I decided to go to the gym together the other night, and look what happened...TOTAL GYM TWINSIES. Black running capris and our crazy pink Asics! At least we had different shirts on! I'm sure the people at the gym thought we were lunatics, but we had a laugh and got our workouts in!

3. Something REALLY random...I was out in our sunroom relaxing when I saw a starling swooping down at my sweet Black Lab, Lacey! It swooped down and tried to catch her tail at LEAST a dozen times! Meanwhile, Lacey did nothing to defend herself...poor angel! Goodness gracious! Here's photographic proof! 

4. I've been very busy getting things together for school! (Just like almost all of you!) I'm trying to have several weeks of plans, my classroom, and all of my Back to School night materials done before the end of the second teacher workday. One thing I've been working on (and LOVING) is my back to school brochure...I bought the template online from Katie Fretwell. I'm not exactly gifted at making brochures online (like really...not gifted AT ALL) and she's offering a wonderful, editable version in her TpT store! Please go check it out if you're interested! 

5. Right now I am back home in Williamsburg, Virginia with my family. My sister and I visited a little gem of a river beach near Jamestown (you know...Jamestown settlement #historynerdalert) called College Creek. It's so pretty! 

I hope you enjoyed reading my (super random) Five for Friday! I'm definitely enjoying reading all of the other blogs posts that linked up! :)

<3 Kelsey

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Hello! Well, it's been over a year since my last post...I've missed blogging, but life was VERY busy this year and it completely fell by the wayside! I finished up my second year of teaching in June, and it was another fantastic year full of learning for EVERYONE involved! I feel like I'm ready to make my third year the BEST one yet! I have my procedures and organization down pat (for the most part...I think), and I'm ready to rock when it comes to instruction! I can't wait to share many of my ideas and experiences with you all, as well as read more about YOUR teaching lives! Let's get reacquainted! 

<3 Kelsey

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Getting Crafty...

There is a point in time when you become tired of planning. Tired of typing, tired of flipping through resource books, tired of clicking around on pacing guides. When you're tired of planning, it is time to take a break and CRAFT! I had my little craftstravaganza on Sunday night/Monday morning. Armed with a brand new glue gun and a huge mug of coffee, I managed to make two cute new things for the Patch!

Like how I mix-and-matched my backgrounds? :)

I know y'all have seen this three-drawer organizer idea all over Pinterest. While I really try not to completely copy much off of Pinterest, I think that this is a FANTASTIC organizational tool! I know that when I see too much paper all over my table, I get a little wrapped around the axle...this should help! I found this pink beauty at Jo-Ann! 

The background is actually a happy bright yellow...silly lighting!

Next, I made my job board! My Mom gave me a bunch of little jean pockets last year - I thought they were adorable, but I never had any clue what to do with them! I came across them again while I was organizing my "office" (aka school junk room) and they suddenly reminded me of gardening overalls! I found the cute gardening gloves at Jo-Ann for about $2...I think that they add to the theme! I will stick student name sticks into the pockets to complete the board! 

Time to do some more planning...I hope you have a fabulous evening! 

<3 Kelsey