Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Getting Crafty...

There is a point in time when you become tired of planning. Tired of typing, tired of flipping through resource books, tired of clicking around on pacing guides. When you're tired of planning, it is time to take a break and CRAFT! I had my little craftstravaganza on Sunday night/Monday morning. Armed with a brand new glue gun and a huge mug of coffee, I managed to make two cute new things for the Patch!

Like how I mix-and-matched my backgrounds? :)

I know y'all have seen this three-drawer organizer idea all over Pinterest. While I really try not to completely copy much off of Pinterest, I think that this is a FANTASTIC organizational tool! I know that when I see too much paper all over my table, I get a little wrapped around the axle...this should help! I found this pink beauty at Jo-Ann! 

The background is actually a happy bright yellow...silly lighting!

Next, I made my job board! My Mom gave me a bunch of little jean pockets last year - I thought they were adorable, but I never had any clue what to do with them! I came across them again while I was organizing my "office" (aka school junk room) and they suddenly reminded me of gardening overalls! I found the cute gardening gloves at Jo-Ann for about $2...I think that they add to the theme! I will stick student name sticks into the pockets to complete the board! 

Time to do some more planning...I hope you have a fabulous evening! 

<3 Kelsey

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